Edwards Opticians Eye Care Services:
Eye Examinations A high quality eye examination within comfortable surroundings using the latest technologies and techniques with friendly experienced staff. Eye Test
Contact Lens fitting & aftercare We have the latest designs and materials available, as well as continuous contact lens aftercare.


The Optical Coherence Tomography scan is quick and painfree. The scan is similar to an ultrasound and produces a highly detailed image of the retina which can be analysed instantly. Anyone can have this scan, it is most beneficial for those who are over 60, diabetic, have glaucoma, macular degeneration or have relatives with the later two conditions.
Dyslexia screening Full assessment of visual stress, scotopic sensitivity, eye dominance anomalies, and other conditions leading to difficulty reading; all of which can be treated with tints, overlays, prisms and eye exercises.. Dyslexia
Dry Eye Assessments We provide the latest techniques for assessing tear function and eye surface problems, as well as having the latest evidence based therapies for treatment Dry Eyes
Retinal Photography Included as standard within all our eye examinations. Eye structure imagery allows early detection of sight threatening conditions as well as providing vital long-term mointoring. retinal photograph
Minor Eye Conditions We treat minor eye conditions along side your GP, avoiding the struggle in obtaining local surgery or eye hospital appointments. red eye
Childrens Eye Care A child friendly environment with after-school and weekend appointment times available. All of our optometerists have children of their own.
Driving Assessments We will provide examinations and advice to assess your visual ability to drive and conform with DVLA requirements for the license you hold or are applying for. dvla
Eye Care & Nutrition Advice on protecting your eyes; including dietary factors, the impact of smoking and UV exposure.
Colour Vision Screening Ruling out colour perception difficulties, specifically in children. Colour vision test
Hearing Services In association with Whispers Hearing Care. Hearing services
This is only an outline of what we provide, please do not hestiate to contact us for futher details; our Manager, Becky or our main Optometrist, Matthew would be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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